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Motion Sensor Door Warning Light

not so secret secret door



So at my work we have this super cool not-so-secret door.¬†Only it doesn’t have a window or anything (secret doors don’t have windows – duh) so if you were coming down the secret hallway you could get beaned by the door if someone was entering as you reached for the handle. In fact, I lost a toenail to this very coincidence. There had to be a better way! Continue reading

Pretty Gluing

Hardwood Flooring Desktop

It Is Done

I know its been a while, but I’m back with a few new projects. I’ve been doing a lot around the house although its been pretty boring stuff; installed some blinds, replaced a faucet, added motion sensor LED lighting to the laundry closet, and general organization. Recently though, I made a thing! It turned out better than I expected considering my lack of woodworking skills and access to tools, but in the end I improvised and triumphed! Maker4life! So without further ado, my Hickory¬†hardwood flooring desktop: Continue reading


Every Day – Learning Something New

3d printer

It all started today when I decided it was time for me to tackle the years of dirt and mold ground into my bathroom floor tile grout. When we first moved in I didn’t notice it, just thought it was a bad grout job. But then while scrubbing one day I realized what it truly was and that no regular mopping would ever remove it. I tried scraping it, but was afraid of damaging the actual grout and it didn’t come up easily.

I tried bleach and numerous other bathroom cleaners, but gave up when nothing was able to break it up and scrub it away. I hated knowing it was there and with my time off from work I put it on my to do list.

Continue reading


End of Year Craziness

So I haven’t been around much, things got pretty crazy since last I posted.

First there was sailing season, which went very well this year. We had a great dedicated team and on occasion a few of Ed’s sailing buddies (with many years of experience) came aboard and assisted in tactics. So we won a bunch of beer can races and even placed 2nd in one of the legs of the Tri-state!

The server streetlight is still on manual. I was focusing on perfecting our $150 360 machine at work instead of hooking it up to the server. The 360 machine allows us to shoot a product from 3 different angles as it turns a full 360 degrees. It has worked out pretty well so far, allowing up to 50 sets a day.

360 Machine in Action


And I’ve held some more blacksmithing classes, though I always seem to forget to take pictures in the Railroad Spike Class… and my phone also decided to eat most of the photos I had taken. So that’s a bummer, but here’s a few student’s works:


And just in time for the new year, I’ve started a new job! In some ways I’ll have more time, and in other ways I wont so I make no promises on updates.