End of Year Craziness

So I haven’t been around much, things got pretty crazy since last I posted.

First there was sailing season, which went very well this year. We had a great dedicated team and on occasion a few of Ed’s sailing buddies (with many years of experience) came aboard and assisted in tactics. So we won a bunch of beer can races and even placed 2nd in one of the legs of the Tri-state!

The server streetlight is still on manual. I was focusing on perfecting our $150 360 machine at work instead of hooking it up to the server. The 360 machine allows us to shoot a product from 3 different angles as it turns a full 360 degrees. It has worked out pretty well so far, allowing up to 50 sets a day.

360 Machine in Action


And I’ve held some more blacksmithing classes, though I always seem to forget to take pictures in the Railroad Spike Class… and my phone also decided to eat most of the photos I had taken. So that’s a bummer, but here’s a few student’s works:


And just in time for the new year, I’ve started a new job! In some ways I’ll have more time, and in other ways I wont so I make no promises on updates.



2 thoughts on “End of Year Craziness

  1. Hi There, I’m interested in taking the railroad spike class, but didn’t see any dates listed for classes in your calendar. Do you have anything planned in the next month or two? I would be signing up two people. Thanks!

    • I only do classes one weekend a month and I just did February classes last week. However if you have two people (which is a full class) you can contact me to set up a weekend day that would work for you. I’m switching from Paypal to Square so you can contact me through the square store here to set up your class: http://mkt.com/the-forgery

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